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Fake News Detector Project in AI

Fake news is misleading or false information that is circulated as news. It is often difficult to distinguish between fake and real news, and it isn’t until the situation gets blown out of proportion that it comes to light. The spreading of fake news becomes especially dangerous during times like elections or pandemic situations. Fake…

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Traffic Prediction

Have you ever been stuck in a sudden traffic jam for over an hour? If you knew that there would be heavy traffic, you would’ve taken an alternate route to save time. You can build a traffic jam prediction model using deep learning techniques in Python. You can use openly available Waze datasets for this…

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Detecting Violence in Videos

Videos displaying violence or sensitive content are harmful and can negatively impact a person’s mental health. Videos like this on social media should be marked with a trigger warning or censored for individuals who don’t like to view violent content. In this project, you can build a deep learning model that detects violence in videos…

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