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Sign Language Recognition App with Python

Sometimes, it can be challenging to communicate with people who have hearing disabilities. Learning sign language can be complicated, and it isn’t a skill most of us have.

In this project, you can build a sign-language recognition app in Python. To do this, you need to take the following steps:

  • Use the World-Level American Sign Language video dataset that has around 2000 classes of sign languages. You will need to extract frames from the data to train your model.

  • You can load the Inception 3D model that was previously trained on the ImageNet dataset.

  • Train a couple of dense layers on top of the I3 model using the frames from the dataset you loaded. You can do this to generate text labels for sign language gesture image frames. 

Once you’re done building the model, you can choose to deploy it. Building an application that allows people with a hearing disability to converse with people who don’t know ASL is extremely useful. It serves as a means of communication for two people who wouldn’t have a conversation otherwise.

Dataset: World-Level American Sign Language dataset

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